sex tapes!

You gotta love these guys from the Toronto area — wait no — Scarborough or is that Richmond Hill?

Vocalist Rody Walker pretty much sets us all straight that they are from the various Toronto suburbs, like Whitby Ontario.  Admire a vocalist that between songs can make the fans laugh about his self depreciation of his added weight issues, very comical.   They are at the Commodore Ballroom this night supporting headliners Coheed and Cambria.   The last album they released was in 2013 called Volition.

Protest the Hero did show us that a vocalist such as Rody, with clean vocals (ok, some growls) can be married up to highly technical guitar playing of Luke Hoskin and Tim Millar.  They are no slouches on guitar either, with finger tapping galore and sweep picking prowess that makes most guitar players envious (such as myself!).   The back end is kept tight with Mike Leradi on drums and low end bass provided by the very competent Eric Gonsalves.   We got a amazing show with these guys from Ontario and showed us they have the chops for years to come.  We are looking forward to the next album!

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