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Are you into technical Death metal bands that just make you into a raging mosh monkey?  Then Topeka Kansas natives Origin might be the band for you. Origin have made their latest tour stop to Read More…

Concert Reviews


Do you ever ask yourself, how do these guys in Death Metal do it night after night?  I have lots of respect for these bands that come out with the aggression and vocals much like Read More…

Concert Reviews


You gotta wonder what was in the water back in the 80’s or early 90’s in the state of Florida.  Some of the most brutal death metal bands were spawned there at that time with Read More…

Concert Reviews


Its been a cold wet spring in Vancouver and nothing is more fitting to perk up ones soul than going to see some Swedish Death metal.   Hypocrisy is in town and ready to play a more intimate Read More…

Concert Reviews


I was wondering the other day, if there was a ‘Big 4’ show for Death Metal, who would be on this tour?  Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Deicide, or Morbid Angel?  Perhaps…But I would also add New Read More…



MORTIFERUM based out of Olympla WA- March 6 in Support of Immolation at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver BC