truth killers!

Did you know this band has been intact for close to 30 years now?

Rarely do you ever hear of bands nowadays have the same members for over 30+ years.   It’s a tough life on the road being away from loved ones and furthermore, the money in the music industry is just not where it used to be.  Tonight, we get to see one of these bands that have stuck through it all from 1994 to 2024, with the same members all the way through.  That band is Sevendust and they are co-headlining with Static-x with support from Lines of Loyalty and Dope at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver Canada.

Lajon Witherspoon

Sevendust who hail from Atlanta Georgia, are Vince Hornsby (bass), Morgan Rose (drums), John Connolly (guitar), Clint Lowery (lead guitar) and Lajon Witherspooon (vocals).  They have been around since 1995 and released 14 albums to date, with the latest called Truth Killer that came out in 2023.

This is quite a tour, with the band surrounded with large screens, which I believe are something they are borrowing from Static-X who are up after Sevendust.   They start off the evening with “I Might Let the Devil Win”, which is a pretty slow song but they really cut into it towards the end when that song picks up speed.   That along the next song “Truth Killer” are both from the new album.  Each song has its own theme on the background screens, which makes the visuals extra interesting.  Another thing they used were fog cannons that were pointed towards the front barrier.  Not sure I enjoy getting blasted in the face with fog but that is what happened to the mostly VIP people that rushed to get to barrier only to be clouded at numerous times.

Speaking of visuals, drummer Morgan is looking like Slipknot as he has some sort of black makeup on his face.   Still sporting the dreads I see since the last time we saw them in Vancouver back in 2018.  He is such a talented drummer.

They do have a good fan following however as there is alot of crowd participation, as they make their way through this 13 song setlist with the highlights being “Pieces”, “Hero”, “Enemy” and one other new one called “Everything”.

The 51 year old Lajon still has great vocals and had lots of energy moving about the stage.   He is also great at commanding the audience but after all these years, of course,! He is a pro.

Vince Hornsby on bass

They end this night with a couple classics with the sassy “Bitch” and thereafter, “Face to Face”.  The band seemed to having alot of fun up there on stage, and that exuberance was reflected back to the very appreciative audience which was almost at capacity at the Vogue.  This was a pretty powerful gig these musicians put on tonight, It was great to see these guys back in Vancouver and the new songs (they played 3) rocked pretty hard live.

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