Harder than before!

On May 17th 2024 at the Modified Ghost Festival in Vancouver Canada, we got a chance to see some new bands that are starting to shake things up in the metal scene.    Dying Fetus have brought a few along on a North American tour which I am sure will bring them lots of new found attention.

One that particularly caught our attention, was the 4 piece band called Kruelty based out of Tokyo Japan. They are comprised of Zuma (guitar, vocals), MCD (guitar), SE7 (bass) and Mani (drums).   Formed in 2017, they did have a vocalist by the name of Tatami, however I hear the reason he left is that touring just not his jam.

They play an very heavy mix of Death Metal and heavy Hardcore with a couple of EP’s and 2 full length albums, with the latest released in 2023 being Untopia (Profound Lore Records).   They definitely provided a crushing sound, and as well as gutteral vocals that provided utmost brutality that really surprised alot of people in the unsuspecting Sold out Rickshaw Theatre this night.

Looking forward to what the future may hold for this band but for now I recommend picking up that new album Untopia

 See the Photos and video below on this cool band.

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