make them beg!

The 2nd night of the Modified Ghost Festival in Vancouver had concert goers ‘Subject to a Beating’.

If day 1 of the Modified Ghost Festival wasn’t head crushing enough with some of the best Death Metal bands in the World, along comes day 2 which will finish you off.   Tonight features Mvlgrave, Kruelty, 200 Stab Wounds, Full of Hell and if you were not completely clobbered by that point, Dying Fetus is the headliner to annihilate the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver Canada.

American based 3 piece band Dying Fetus was formed back in 1991 by John Gallagher and later recruited Sean Beasley (bass/vocals) in 2001 along with Trey Williams (drums) in 2007.   The type of Death Metal they play is absolute brutal, with technical guitar and bass lines.   Both Gallagher and Beasley trade off vocals in the songs, which make for a unique duet that you don’t see alot of in this genre.  They have 9 albums to date, with the latest being Make Them Beg for Death that was released in September of 2023.   I can say unequivocally, that  it’s one of the best Death Metal albums of 2023.  One would wonder if this band is just hitting its stride, as the last few releases just keep getting even better and more savage.

Sean Beasley

A taped version of Thin Lizzy song “The Boys Are Back in Town” plays before show start, which is true as they were last here in 2022.   They are no strangers to Vancouver as they are usually around every 2-3 years to keep us all in line.   I wonder what Phil Lynott would think of this band as his song is being played prior to this soul slaying trio.

They start their first song as if were meant to be a pre-warning to all of us with “Wrong One to Fuck With” off the same titled album released in 2017.   Then they moved on with “Compulsion for Cruelty” from the new album which was a complete headbanger.  No changes in how this band behaves on stage, both Gallagher and Beasley are on opposite sites of the stage 15 feet apart, trading off vocal duties.  This is a rock show, and they had the the splashy lighting laser beaming all over the stage.  The sound was as ear blistering as you might think, Tinnitus is imminent.

John Gallagher

“Intentional Manslaughter” was next at song 3 and you have to have mad respect for drummer Trey Williams for knocking this one out. Another new one at song 4 with “Feast of Ashes”, had Gallagher busy with harmonic pinch guitar licks.   These guys play as the album is, no backing tracks or FX and both guitarist’s vocals are on fire this night as they deep “In the Trenches” on song 5 watching the audience in their battle for survival at the front of the barrier.

Trey Williams

They remain “Fixated on Devastation” of the Rickshaw Theatre, as crowd surfers enjoy song 7, even the banana man in the mosh pit was taking in the “Unbridled Fury” that this band welds on its sweaty audience.

Not alot of between song banter.  But John does some with “How are you Vancouver” or “Keep the crowd surfing going”, as they are intent on “Homicidal Retribution”.  Furthermore,  and if you don’t like it, you are “Subjected to a Beating” like in song 9.   But the metal maniacs at the Rickshaw don’t want to “Throw Them in the Van” just yet,  as Gallagher moves to another slamming new one as he is “Killing on Adrenaline” at song 10.

A “Grotesque Impalement” happens at song 12 and if you thought that ended this annihilation, your wrong, as they play every non-metal head’s idea of death metal lyrics with “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog”.  They had the Rickshaw panting after that one which even though it is just over a minute in length.   These guys made us beg for more, but that was the end of this absolutely pummeling display of delicious brutal, but technical death metal.  If you are a Death Metal aficionado, then you were in your absolute glory with this years SOLD OUT  edition of the Modified Ghost Festival.  Modified Ghost did an excellent job putting this all together for us and rest assured, you can bet on another wicked festival next year.


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