Having been a major Six Feet Under fan since the 1st album back in 1993, and saw the Haunted tour with 25 other people in a dark bar (Ozzy’s) in Winnipeg in 1996, I feel this album will need to be reviewed.  That Haunted album I played non-stop during those years, every song was simple, yet effective.  I could sing along with it, and Allan West’s riffs were some of the easiest to learn on guitar.  I still think that is one of my favorite death metal albums ever.

From there until 2003, with Bringer of Blood which I think is the last of Six Feet’s best albums before things started to go downhill musically, and the original talented personnel started to abandon the band.  By 2016, none of the original band members with exception of founding lead vocalist Chris Barnes remained.  Thereafter,  it seemed like a revolving door of musicians, as they had a few talented guitarists at times, with Rob Arnold (Chimaira) and YouTube guitar star Ola England.   At 56, Chris Barne’s death metal voice has naturally weakened over the past few releases, and the continuation of failed experiments with cover albums has taken its toll on the fan base.

Some 30+ years after The Haunting, they are now releasing their 14th studio album titled Killing For Revenge.  The band is Chris Barnes (vocals), Jeff Hugnell (bass), Marco Pitruzzella (drums), Ray Suhy (guitar) and former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen.

I have had this album for a couple of weeks now with several listens, and wanted to let this one sink in to see how well it measures up to those first 5 albums that I adored.

Know Nothing Ingrate – This galloping song starts off pretty promising, but Chris’s vocals are not sounding anywhere near what he sounded like in 2002, but more like what a 56 year old guy sounding like he doesn’t normally sing death metal. Vocal phrasing is not clear.  Seems like Chris has stuff to get off his chest with lyrics and is not a fan of his music being reviewed, like “A simple-minded fuck
Unimportant and burdensome” or “No effort needed to fill me with hate
What you are is a know-nothing ingrate”.  These are some odd lyrics as they are obviously pointed towards reviewers (like me),  but he sounds pretty hateful on this one himself.  We are all entitled to an opinion either way but the fact is, if you make a great product, you will get great reviews.

Accomplice to Evil Deads – Nice little solo on this one near the end from Jack.  Other than that, much the same, with Chris’s vocals on this fast one that stops and starts on a dime.  No “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” yet.

Ascension – “Scheme, scheme, ascension’s breath, ascension’s breath
Lie, lie, as in a death, in a death”,  not the most thought provoking lyrics in death metal.  The tremolo picking style is already getting tiresome.

When the Moon Goes Down in Blood – OOOK, now this opening guitar riff has my attention and is definitely one of the best on this album. After listening to this album several times, this riff stands out the most.

Hostility Against Mankind – This is more the pace Six Feet should be playing at, nice and slow with some groove. Even some vocal doubling like from Haunted I hear at times.

Compulsive – More boring tremelo guitar picking style and a lame solo.  Why does this band have 2 guitar players?

Fit for Carnage – More like “fit for filler”.   Fast forward.

Neanderthal – Alright, here we go.  This is the other track that sticks out for me.  Why? Because it’s nice a slow, which is the pace this band should be going at.  These speed metal songs just don’t jive at all with me.  This track had a guest appearance by Jason Suecof (lead solo) who is also a producer of many modern metal bands.

Judgement Day – Yes, absolutely, I get it. This album is all about revenge.  Sadly, this is another dull attempt at speed metal from the 80’s.  IF I had a gripe on this album, it’s the lack of production and thin sounding guitars that sound in standard tuning.

Beastial Savagery – More filler here, way too fast for Chris’s vocal style….

Mass Casulty Murdercide – I think the guitars were murdered on this one.

Spoils of War – Fast forward…

Hair of the Dog – You know, I thought Chris was better than this. Did he actually think making this classic  Nazareth cover would translate well with his vocal abilities?  WHY are you messin’ with this son of a bitch of a song?  Comical and horrendous at the same time, and my feeling is that you should be black out drunk listening to this one.

Well, we made it 13 songs without an “EEEEEEEEEE”.   I can safely say after this review, I will not be listening to this album once more.  Chris’s garbled with gravel vocals just don’t cut it in 2024.  The guitar playing is sub par, and while it has Jack Owen, that apparently means nothing as there is not much other than one song that was a standout.  Why do they need 2 guitar players?  Is that all they could come up with is tremolo picking the entire album?  Steve Swanson brought the groove to this band but that is completely gone now.  The production is hideous by 2024 standards,  hardly any bass, and the percussion is just soft.  I was side by siding this album at one point with Necrot’s new album Lifeless Birth, and that production is a night and day difference.  Unfortunately, this album doesn’t hold a candle to anything prior to the first 5 albums as I recommend you visit those albums if you want to listen to some of their best work.   I want a hat that says “Make SFU Groove again”.

Release Date : May 10 2024 (Metalblade)

Not recommended 55%

Track Listing:

1. Know-Nothing Ingrate
2. Accomplice To Evil Deeds
3. Ascension
4. When The Moon Goes Down In Blood
5. Hostility Against Mankind
6. Compulsive
7. Fit Of Carnage
8. Neanderthal (Guest Lead Guitar Solo – Jason Suecof)
9. Judgement Day
10. Bestial Savagery
11. Mass Casualty Murdercide
13. Spoils Of War
13. Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth Cover – CD + Digital Only)

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