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This week we were lucky to witness another up and coming band called Illumishade who are based in Switzerland.   We caught them on tour with Visions of Atlantis and headliners Korpiklaani in Vancouver Canada at the Rickshaw Theatre on April 23 2024.

Fabienne Emi

The band was started by Fabienne Emi of Eluvueite, as she put together a band to achieve her master’s degree in vocal training in 2018.   The band is also made of Eluvueite guitarist Jonas Wolf, Mirjam Skal on keyboards (and backing vocals), Yannick Ubanczik on bass, and Marc Friedrich on drums.  They have 2 albums with the latest being one just released in 2024 called Another Side of You.

What really caught my attention was Fabienne’s incredible symphonic vocal range as she can go from very soft vibrato to obscene death metal as we saw this night.  She is a very charismatic vocalist, and does very well with the audience.  At one point in the show, she invited the tour manager on stage (who can sing very well) to help her out on one song. Also I should mention Jonas Wolf, with his searing guitar solos in a few of the songs were positively electric, as is the rest of the band whom are really solid musicians.

Jonas Wolf

I think this is just the beginning for this group as the songs were well put together, and they appear to have alot of fun on stage performing them.   They were very well received by the audience this evening and I predict this band will be a level up after this North American tour.  Needless to say, I was completely blown away after this performance.


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