Seething with disdain!

It was “Vicious in Vancouver” when The Red Room hosted the Contamination Tour featuring a full petri dish of blistering Death Metal.  That event served up some extreme American-based acts including Genocide Pact, Gatecreeper and the mighty veterans known as Dying Fetus.

John Gallagher

Show starts off with a nice feel good song “Sun will come out Tomorrow” then John Gallagher (Guitar, vocals), Sean Beasley (Bass, vocals) and Trey Williams appear and start right into it with “Wrong one to F**k With”.    John is a very technical guitarist with a lot of cool sweep picking and finger taps, along with sharing the singing duties, definitely fascinating to watch.   Sean’s abilities on bass guitar are no different either, and Trey is a complete madman on the drums.  Not a lot of talking or rant between songs required, these guys are heads-down artists with some of the most brutal death metal you will ever hear.

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