Breakout Band!

Loud Flash.com caught Orbit Culture on their first ever visit to Seattle and 2nd visit to Vancouver on tour with Gates of Hell, Fear Factory and Headliners Machine Head on January 22.23 2024.

Needless to say, we were super impressed with this band from Sweden who play Melodic Death metal.  Formed in 2013, they so far have 4 albums and 4 EP’s in the discography, with the latest album in 2023 with Descent.

4 members in the band with Niklas Karlsson (Lead vocals, guitar), Richard Hansson (Lead guitar), Fredrik Lennartsson (bass) and Christopher Wallerstedt (drums).

Based on what we have seen thus far, they totally bring it, and this is definitely a band to watch out for 2024.  Not a doubt in my mind, after the next album they will be headlining their own shows!

Checkout the photo gallery below (Seattle/Vancouver photos), setlist and live video from the Seattle show!

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