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If you are planning to see some hardcore shows this year, one band you might want to watch out for is Sunami.

Sunami are a beatdown/heavy hardcore band out of San Jose California with four members that being Josef Alfonso (vocals), Mike “Durt” Durrett (guitar), Theo Dominguez (bass) and Benny Eissmann (drums).  They did a demo album in 2019 and a few EP’s have trickled out in the past few years.  In 2023, they did a full album called Sunami.

Josef Alfonso

They started this band out as very short term project which they considered a joke band prior to the pandemic in 2019.   However, thereafter while everyone was at home watching Youtube videos of their first couple shows, and they actually gained quite a following.  They booked themselves a 28 day North American tour and sold out all the shows!

Theo Dominguez

We were lucky to catch them on tour in Seattle at the El Corazon who were with Momentum, Judiciary and and 2nd up prior to headliners Kublai Khan TX.   They put on a high energy show that had fans going completely crazy with stage diving, crowd killing and slamming.   Very heavy hardcore sound,  yet somewhat death metal like guitar but with modern sounding chugs.    Josef’s raw yet hardcore sounding vocals seems to pair up nicely with the tough guy song lyrics which I think were written for fun.

This is definitely an up and  coming band that you will need to watch out for when they come to your town.   Pickup the latest album Sunami (Triple-B Records).

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