face to face!

It’s absolutely fascinating to me that any band can remain intact for over 20 years….

The band I am referring to here is Sevendust.  They are in a supporting role on the latest Clutch tour that made its way to the Commodore Ballroom  in Vancouver courtesy of Live Nation.

They are spreading the word on their latest album “All I see is War” which was released this past May 2018.  They waste no time getting us to know it either as they go full tilt with a song called “Dirty”.   Lajon Witherspoon still has that same soulful, yet powerful voice we heard all those years ago too.  The drummer who is Morgan Rose, flailing his red dreads in every direction, is another identity from the past that we remember.   He is absolutely solid behind that kit during another track off the new album called “Unforgiven”.   John Connolly and Clint Lowery bring back the heavy guitar with an older one with “Waffle” along with Vinnie Hornsby on bass.   These guys can still Jam hard with the best of them and end the eight song set with “Thank you”.   No Lajon,, WE THANKYOU for coming to Vancouver!

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