slam kings

I go to a lot of metal shows, but very rarely do I see a 3rd up band blow me away (unless it’s a bigger festival type show) and upstage the 2nd band up next.   How do I assess that anyway?  By the audience participation and the ‘wow’ look on their faces after the set.   Then, seeing the next band (Toxic Holocaust) with the audience paralyzed (like doing nothing with their hands and very little reaction) from the previous bands devastation.
This happened at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver when I had the privilege to see UK extreme slam death metallers Ingested.
This is the first time I have seen this band, and well, that’s because it’s the first time they have ever played Vancouver.  They are playing their entire album in order, front to back — from 2009 — “Surpassing the Boundaries of Human Suffering” on this entire tour.  This certainly gets us caught up from time missed!
These vile brits are Jason Evans on vocals, Sam Yates on guitar, Sean Hynes on Guitar and Lyn Jeffs on bass and Lyn Jeffs on drums.  Ummmm wait………no bass player?  That’s different.  But after hearing them this night I think that they have those guitars tuned down to A so I don’t think they will miss much bass.
They start off with a sweet little song called ‘Skinned and Fucked’ (Yikes!) I have read the lyrics and can’t really explain them online here, but use your imagination.  Then think the worst, then degrade that down by hundred points at least.  Many of the songs are extremely filthy from this album, along with the song titles such as  Pre-Released Foetal Mush or Anal Evisceraton.  So they are much like in the vein of the first few Cannibal Corpse albums.  After this album is done, they away somewhat from the lewd titles, and play the last one of the night, ‘Mouth of the Abyss’ from the new “Call of the Void” album which was released in 2019.
Jason really looks like he is enjoying himself here at the Rickshaw, and the fans definitely gave it back this night.  I really hope to see these guys back soon!  I am definitely a new fan of the band and I think it will only be a matter of time before these guys really break out on the scene.

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