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Photos of Canadian hard rock veterans Headpins at the Abbotsford Centre on May 3 2024.  They were supporting headliners Foreigner.

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  1. Last time I saw this band – or version thereof – it was opening for Foreigner a couple of nights ago. It has long been my opinion that these guys and gals (especially gals) have always been the most under-rated loud rock and roll band ever. Anywhere. Sure, Foreigner was Foreigner but the Headpins were the Headpins and, as usual they delivered what they promised – AND MORE!! Their pedigree is right up there with all the rest of the bands of their era, including bands like Foreigner. One little snit of jealousy disguised by a contract misunderstanding by ZZ Top and a deafening ENCORE by the folks who rule the show – yes, the audience and the Headpins were put in their ‘place’ by the almighty Zed Zed Tops. You guys will always rule in my book Headpins and I’ll forever keep your name emblazoned as the front line members of the gangs that put Disco in their place. Thanks from the bottom of my heart and the hearts of many of my friends who are no longer with us today. Keep on ROCKIN’…!!

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