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This goth crooner was in Vancouver this past week, did we get enough of the new album?

Chelsea Wolfe has always been a curiosity for me.  I hit plenty of hardrock/metal shows during the year and always somehow see Chelsea in my Facebook pages or on websites geared to Metal and Hardrock.   I have heard a few songs from her or seen videos, but never understood the musical direction she is headed.

Am about to find out, after seeing my first headlining show with her as she is playing the Vogue Theatre (MRG Promotions) with support from Divide and Dissolve.

The Californian has released 7 albums since 2010, with her newest opus in 2024 being She Reaches Out to She Reaches Out to She.

Chelsea Wolfe

Besides Chelsea who is lead vocalist (and plays guitar), she has Ben Chrisholm (keyboard),  Bryan Tulao (lead guitar) and Jess Gowrie (drums) presently in the band.

Prior to the band hitting the stage I overheard the Madonna song “Frozen”.   This is a rough micro comparison in music style to what we will hear, perhaps foreshadow, for the rest of the evening.  Except, a little more edge with guitars I think in Chelsea’s music.

The band hit the darkened stage, with Chelsea on last, not alot of lighting but I expect that already with this type of music.   She starts off with a new one with “Whispers in the Echo Chamber”, with her soft gentle and careful soft voice caressing my ear lobes.  However, you do get some distorted guitar near the end of it which roughs it up a little.  No, we won’t see mosh pits or crowd surfing as this is not that crazy.  It’s more of a clap and stand there or sit down type of show.

Ben Chrisholm

This isn’t called the “She Reaches Out Tour” for nothing though.   She played ALL 10 songs from that new album tonight.   At 4 songs deep, we finally hear something off of Hiss Spun (2017)  with “16 Psyche” and “The Culling”.

“On a Tuesday Vancouver!  Thanks for coming out” she says in her very quiet yet cutting speaking voice.   Not alot of banter between songs from her but her singing voice is truly remarkable, and resonates quite nicely in the Vogue tonight.

Bryan Tulao

The very appreciative crowd appeared to be pretty excited and curious as to what this setlist might contain as the other songs with “Feral Love”, then “House of Metal” (no metal in that one) which has a gloomy yet calming effect that is reflected with the dark stage presence.   A unsung hero tonight, is drummer Jess who does a fantastic job on that song and most of the others too.


Chelsea’s voice is spectacular throughout the entire evening however and much of the audience appears to be under her spell.   She mixes it up a little at the end as she picks up the acoustic guitar and does “They’ll Clap When You’re Gone”, “Flatlands” and finally one more from the new album “The Liminal”

Honestly, I was wondering if I could handle 17 songs from Chelsea, but she was absolutely marvellous with her vocal ability.  She indeed kept my attention throughout the entire set.   Is this a show for your average headbanger?, No, not really that intense but when you want a mellow moment; she definitely can fill that mood.   She proves you don’t need high gain guitars all night to make something “heavy”.  Her soulful vocal nature and lyrics don’t require high pitched screaming or growls and she can hold her vocals solidly all night.   Amazing show, and she is definitely worth a ticket if you curious to see what she is all about.

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